Catia Toutorials

After Installing CATIA V5 now we have to start learning

When we have internet then why we have to go Institutes?

If we miss the class then would they repeat the class for us?


So lets start from the place where we installed CATIA V5.

So what we need?



So here I have a way to learn ourselves. 

Because Necessity is the mother of Invention.

Say goodbye to Tutor.

There is a channel in YouTube Tutorials Engineer

He made 120 video tutorilas on catia for beginners.

To download Video tutorials click here

So download all videos and start learning at convenient timings.

So we don't have any restrictions or timings to learn catia.

and question raises in our brain

who will explain doubts? which we get at the time of practicing .

Here also I have way to clear doubts. Yes

Every day we browse Facebook for time-pass/relaxation, Yes!

But for this time open Facebook for learning purpose, yes you heard right.


Facebook have a groups on the name of CATIA V5 - V6 / World Group and DS Catia V5/V6 Learning group.

In this groups you people will get clarifications on doubts raised in your brain, in comments of your post.

for joining in the group CATIA V5 - V6 / World Group click here

for joining in the group DS Catia V5/V6 Learning group click here

there are many other groups which you can join and clarify your doubts.

Here I uploaded some tutorial soft copies 

To download click here

raise your questions in comment section.

click here to download and install Catia V5

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