Why most of the Heavy Machinery (Earth Movers) are in Yellow color?

Why earth movers are in yellow color?

Have you observed why cranes, jcb, etc., are in yellow color?

Let us see VIBGYOR wavelengths 1st

Yellow: 570nm

Orange: 590nm

Red: 620nm

Suppose your lecturer written a sentence with blue color and red color marker? Then you are able to identify the both sentences when you are near to it, suppose if you are the last bench student then you able identify clearly the sentence which was written in red color than the blue color. 


Because red color wavelength is greater than the blue color wavelength.

Yellow is the 3rd most highly visible color among the seven colors.

This is the reason why it is used for pedestrian crossings. Take note of the crossings which are marked in white - they are less easy to see than those marked yellow, particularly on wet and cloudy days.

The same reason applies to a heavy vehicle!  Not only cranes but huge muck trucks, earth movers, and Dozers/Rollers are painted yellow.

This is the reason why vehicle signal lights are also in yellow-orange color.

Below image is enough to understand why yellow color?

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