You Could Soon Drive A Range Rover Sport With A Smartphone App

Jaguar Land Rover has tested a Range Rover Sport prototype that can be controlled by a driver outside the car using a smartphone app. The smartphone app features touch controls for steering, accelerator, brakes and option for switching from high range to low range gearbox. Before you think of using this James Bond-esque feature for pulling a prank on a future Range Rover Sport owner by driving the car remotely without his/her consent we have to inform you that the app only allows you to drive the car at speeds of 4mph (6.5kmph) when you are in a 10 meter radius and are holding the smart key of the car. 

Smartphone Range Rover (1).
Smartphone Range Rover (2). Smartphone Range Rover (3). Smartphone Range Rover (4).Smartphone Range Rover (5). ​

So what purpose does a slow smartphone driven car fulfil? For starters it will help drivers manoeuvre trickiest off road obstacles as the driver who is now outside the car is able to clearly see the terrain and does not need an additional spotter to check wheel movement. The driver will now be able to check the ramp, approach and departure angles while walking alongside the car. This smartphone remote control feature will be useful in urban environment when the driver has to reverse the car out of a parking space if someone has parked too close for them to open the door.

Apart from its smartphone controlled car, Jaguar Land Rover has also developed another Range Rover Sport prototype that is capable of autonomously manoeuvring through 180 degrees to turn the car in the road and point the car in the opposite direction. This will help drivers sit back and relax while the car itself performs tricky three-point turns on a busy street or car park. The car is laced with sensors that is able identify pedestrians and other vehicles. Once it completes the analysis it asks the user to approve the move.

Jaguar Land Rover is no stranger at adding futuristic options to its cars. Some of its latest innovations include an in-car Sonar, transparent bonnet andpothole detection. With the addition of smartphone remote control and semi-autonomous capability it is progressing towards building its fully autonomous car that will be equipped with LIDAR. Before you head over to the source link below, do remember to check out the current Range Rover Sport in action in this clip from Top Gear UK.


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