Top 10 International Cities to get a Job in Mechanical Engineering

1. Munich, Germany

Munich is seen by many as the high tech centre of Germany. More than 65% of its inhabitants use broadband internet, the highest proportion in Europe. The city hosts the headquarters of industrial giants including Siemens, BMW and MTU Aero Engines, amongst many other large international firms. Japanese industrial robot and drive technology firm, Yaskawa opened its European headquarters near Munich last year.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and is typically seen as the country's centre for technology, logistics and R&D. It is also the home of Australia's automotive industry. Ford, Toyota and General Motors have factories in Melbourne. Other firms include mining companies Rio Tinto, BHP Bilton as well as defence and aerospace firms such as Boeing and BAE Systems.

3. Toulouse, France

 Located in south west France, Toulouse has a number of good things going for it, not least being the aerospace centre for Europe. Some 35,000 of the inner city's 400,000 inhabitants are said to work in the aerospace sector.
Almost all the major European aerospace companies have a presence in or around Toulouse, including Airbus, Dassault, EADS and Thales.

4. Chennai, India

Chennai on the south eastern coast of India has a broad industrial base, but is best known for being the centre of India's automotive sector. Often called the “Detroit of India”, Chennai has factories from automotive OEMs and component manufacturers including Hyundai, Renault, Bosch, Nissan, Daimler, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Ford, BMW and Mitsubishi.

5. Houston, US

Houston, Texas is synonymous with oil the and gas sector. Thanks to a combination of high prices, new technology and techniques for fracking and deep water, the city currently has an insatiable thirst for engineers, leading most US oil firms to recruit internationally.

6. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Staying with places connected to oil and gas, but switching hemispheres, the Middle East has long been a destination for engineers. Oil rich states such as UAE have built modern cities, such as Abu Dhabi from the desert up using funds gained from the exploitation of the vast fossil fuel resources under their feet.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capital is the country’s largest city and its chief industrial centre. The city was founded on fishing and the marine sector, including shipbuilding and offshore engineering, remains a major industry. There is a large oil and gas sector and companies that develop clean technologies, such as wind power, also have a major presence here. There is a strong industry for process and production machinery and communications technology is a major sector. Some of the biggest firms include Maersk, Alfa Laval, MAN, Trelleborg and Ramboll.

8. Sao Paolo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is often cited as the example of a 21st century megacity. It is the tenth richest city in the world and is predicted to become the 6th richest by 2025, according to financial consultancy PWC.

9. Shanghai, China

According to to the Chinese government, more than half of the world’s top 100 industrial companies have a presence in Shanghai. The city is the country’s largest and oldest base for industrial technology.

10. Toronto, Canada

There are lots of opportunities for foreign engineers in Canada, which in general has growth in its mining, transportation and energy sectors. An Engineer’s Canada report published earlier this year found that there are 95,000 Canadian engineers expected to retire by 2020, and not enough indigenous engineers to fill these positions.

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