6 Mobile Applications for Mechanical/Aeronautical students/Engineers.should have

Mechanical Engineering Toolbox:-

In this app you can calculate variety of Problems by giving some inputs it is very useful for people in Design field.

To download click here

Mechanical Engineering Toolbox - screenshot

Unit Converter:-

Useful to convert many

eg: Length,Mass,Currencies

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Unit Converter - screenshot

Mechanical Dictionary:-

The words used in Engineering have a detailed description than the normal dictionary.

To download click here 

Mechanical Dictionary - screenshot

AutoCad 360

The app provides you to draw various diagrams similar to diagrams which were drew in Computer and these can save and possible to edit in computer, viceversa

To download click here

AutoCAD 360 - screenshot

Automobile Engineering:-

The app provides 188 topics of Automobile Engineering in detail, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier, Students can access the content on-the-go from any where they like.

To download click here

Automobile Engineering - screenshot thumbnail

Basic Engineering:-

Basic Engineering is designed for the students who want to get familiar with the basics of engineering. App  is equipped with a "Quick Guide" that gives you Electronic formulas, circuits, codes & symbols and many more on just a tap.

To download click here 

Basic Engineering - screenshot

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