Qualcomm And Daimler Collaborating For Wireless Charging In Electric Vehicles

U.S. Based telecom company Qualcomm Inc. has announced that it will take on a project in collaboration with U.K. based carmaker Daimler to recharge mobile phones as well electric vehicles wirelessly. In a joint statement by both the companies, Daimler and Qualcomm have also declared that they are looking for the right kind of technology that can let customers charge their mobile phones wirelessly and offer them high speed 3G/4G connectivity while driving. This strategic move by both giant companies comes as a part of furthering their hold in the field of software and telecommunications.

In this venture, Qualcomm will provide a new platform for infotainment and safety to Daimler through its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Solutions. Qualcomm Wi-Power coupled with Snapdragon 810 will wirelessly charge a mobile phone when kept on a pad. Earlier, Mercedes Benz , Audi were some of the companies that provided such special features to its customers.

This huge project has been proposed under Wireless Power Transfer 2.0 technology from Daimler that aims to offer high performance to electric vehicles. Qualcomm's Halo™ WEVC technology will be used to provide high power and efficiency to deliver wireless charging package for automobiles that work on electricity and not fuel. However, the charging of mobile phones while driving will be done by acquiring Qualcomm® WiPower™ technology.

Do you think this giant venture of Qualcomm and Daimler can contribute to the wireless charging of EVs ? Share you opinions in the comments section below.

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