Carplane is the German car that can fly and fix traffic jams

The Aero Friedrichshafen aviation show in Germany had pretty awesome machines on display; and 'Carplane' was one of them. The Carplane does exactly what its name suggests - it can fly and act as a car. The Carplane is being developed at Braunschweig with some serious funding from the EU and German State of Lower Saxony. The engineers are expecting that their prototype will be final by the end of July and further work will be done through private funding.

The Carplane design should drive interest from the mechanical as well as aeronautical engineers. It's got a twin-hull configuration that also houses the folded wings. Watch the video embedded below to see the engineering magic while the wings unfold to turn the car into a flying machine. The prototype displayed at the show required the wings to be manually installed.

The carplane weighs just about 1000 pounds. It relies on a 151 HP two-cylinder engine to drive the propeller along with the rear wheels; either individually or both simultaneously. The carplane is capable of taking off with a run-span of about 300 ft and can even land within that distance. The carplane has been engineered to run at a top speed of about 109 mph as a car and 138 mph as a plane. The typical cruising speed is expected to be about 125 mph.

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